Prison of the Unnamer

1 - Ghosts of Tecne

The adventurers were contacted by the Voice of the Crimson Fleet, a Warforged representative of a powerful multi-planar faction of pirates and mercenaries, and given a mission to assassinate a mage named Ulric Shale, who had fled to the ruined city of Tecne in the mountains north of town after stealing several powerful conjuration scrolls from the mage’s guild in the City of Spires.

After battling through a hive of Crag Spiders and engaging in several skirmishes with Shale, the party ascended to a pagoda at the spire of the city where Shale had retreated to. At this point, it became evident that Shale’s motives were more complicated than originally thought. Although obviously not quite sane, he alluded to a being called the Unnamer that had devastated Tecne several centuries previously, and was now waking up again.

The party killed Shale as well as his summoned Remohraz minion, and contacted the Voice of the Fleet for their reward. The Voice informed them that they should return to the City of Spires, where further orders would be forwarded to them.


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