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  • Custom Monsters

    h3. *Monster Listing* This page lists all custom monsters used in previous sessions - anyone else running a game should feel free to use any of these statistics freely. This page will be updated at the end of each session with any new statistics used …

  • Lesser Illithidae


    *Lesser Illithidae, CR 6*
    *Medium Aberration*
    _This humanoid figure has leathery purple skin and four tentacles where a mouth should be. Its flat black eyes stare at you as psionic energy gathers around it._ *HP* 49 (7 HD) …

  • Thoon Husk


    *Thoon Husk, CR 5*
    *Medium Construct, Created (formerly human)*
    _Although obviously once human, this figure's eyes are solid black and it moves with an unnatural gait. As it approaches, you can see that organic fibers have …

  • Mummified Red Ethergaunt


    *Mummified Red Ethergaunt, CR 12*
    *Medium Undead, extraplanar*
    _This emaciated figure is wrapped in cloth and rotted away. A red exoskeleton can be seen under the funeral wrappings._ *HP* 42 (5d12 HD), *DR* 5/-, Fire …

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