Mummified Red Ethergaunt

Mummified Red Ethergaunt, CR 12

Medium Undead, extraplanar
This emaciated figure is wrapped in cloth and rotted away. A red exoskeleton can be seen under the funeral wrappings.

HP 42 (5d12 HD), DR 5/-, Fire Vulnerability
AC 22 (2 dex, 10 nat), CMD 15, CMB +22
Saves Fort +2, Ref +3, Will +6
Stats S 22, D 14, C 19, I 19, W 17, C 23

Senses Perception +12
Skills Concentration +9, Stealth +10, Spellcraft +14
Feats Combat Casting
Initiative +2


Etherblade +12, 1d10 + 9, melee or ranged (for 3d8)
and Slam +10, 1d8 + 9, mummy rot


Despair DC 21 will upon seeing the creature or cower in fear for 1d4 rounds, save as a standard each round
Mummy Rot DC 21 fort, incubation 1 minute, 1d6 cha and 1d6 con, continues indefinetly

A horrifying being created by the insane worshipers of the Outer Gods.

Mummified Red Ethergaunt

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