The Deadgod

The Deadgod, CR 27

Huge Aberration (Undead, Sorcerer 16)
At the center of a swirling field of eldrich symbols stands a creature seemingly fused together from equal parts kraken and spider, and at the center of the chitinous being is the shape of a man. The air flickers around the huge figure, preventing close introspection, which may be for the best. Below the feet of this being, the floor is suddenly that of some vast abyssal sea, and stranges fishes swim through the air around it.

HP 362 (28 HD), Fast Healing 15
AC 33, CMD 30, CMB +20
Saves Fort +22, Ref +12, Will +28
Stats S 0, D 0, C 0, I 0, W 0, C 0

Senses Perception +24, Tremorsense 60 ft.
Speed 40 ft, Climb 20 ft
Initiative +9


x4 Tentacles +34, 2d6 + 13, reach 20, poison
and x2 Claws +32, 2d6 + 6
and Bite +32, 2d8 + 6, improved grab for grapple at +40 Constrict 2d6 + 13, Swallow Whole


Consume Essence The deadgod may spend a standard action to consume the soul of any adjacent worshipper, healing 50 points of damage and gaining back 1d6 levels of spells.
Poison DC 32, 1d6 str/1d4 con for 5 rounds.
Swallow Whole 2d6 + 13, 60 points of damage to break free.

Spell-Like abilities

At will Fly, Dimension Hop (40 feet), Telekinesis (Will DC 18)


In Greater Spell Matrix: x2 Scorching Ray +20, 3 rays, sonic
Baleful Transposition (Will 22)
Blood Wind

1st 9/day, 5 known (DC 20)

Expeditious Retreat
Reduce Person
Obscuring Mist
Blood Wind
Orb of Acid, lesser (5d8 ranged touch)

2nd 9/day, 5 known (DC 21)

Baleful Transposition
Mindless Rage – Subject compelled to attack with melee for 16 rounds
See Invisibility
Scorch Ray (Acidic, 3 rays)

3rd 8/day, 4 known (DC 22)

Fireball (acid, 10d6)
Shatterfloor (10d4 sonic plus shatters floor)
(Cast) False Gravity
Shadow Binding – Grapples subjects in a 10-foot burst

4th 8/day, 4 known (DC 23)

Orb of Acid (16d6, subject stunned on failed save)
Defenestrating Sphere
Force Wave – Bull rushes all creatures within 10 feet at +20
Vortex of Teeth – 30 foot swirl of teeth does 3d8 damage, grants concealment

5th 8/day, 4 known

Telekinesis (Up to absurd pounds can be moved)
Acid Sheath – Deals 30 points of acid damage on touch, all acid spells deal +1 damage
Firebrand (Acid damage – 10 5-ft bursts of acid deal 10d6 acid damage to creatures within them)
Spell Matrix (Storing acid-subbed Fireball)

6th 8/day, 3 known

Acid Fog
Control Water
Brilliant Blade – Natural attacks bypass armor

7th 6/day, 2 known

Synostodwemer: Sacrifice a spell to heal spell level d8s + spell level
Solipsism: On failed will save, subject believes that it is the only creature in existence

8th 4/day, 1 known

Maze [look up]

May be Cthulhu.

The Deadgod

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