The world


The campaign will, for the most part, take place on the continent of Ehb. The southern coastline, where the City of Spires is located is temperate, and becomes tropical to the southeast. To the north lies a range of mountains, bordering the snow-covered Plateau of Leng.

The human population in this part of Ehb consists primarilly of colonists from other parts of the world – although some cities and towns exist, the area is still largely uninhabited. There are signs that some colonization may have occured between 500 and 1,000 years previously, but only ruined cities currently remain.

Major cities

The City of Spires – The primary human settlement on the continent

Tecne – A ruined city destroyed by the Unnamer three centuries ago

Tlaloc – The primary Orc settlement on the continent, located within the Fetid Curtain

Landmarks and locations

The Ankghar Circle – A coastal circle of dense jungle with occasional settlements

The Howling Expanse – The eastern desert, dominated by monolithic pyramids to forgotten deities

Plateau of Leng – A frozen plateau to the far north

Fetid Curtain – A circle of overgrown swamps, inhabited by several tribes of orcs


This large continent is located 700 miles to the southeast of Ehb. Although the northernmost expanse of the Mainland is largely free from habitation (due in part to extreme temperatures and an excess of mountains), dozens of city-states and nations exist further south.



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The world

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