Custom Monsters

Monster Listing

This page lists all custom monsters used in previous sessions – anyone else running a game should feel free to use any of these statistics freely. This page will be updated at the end of each session with any new statistics used during the session, so don’t worry about gaining metagame knowledge via this page.

Stat Template, CR 0 – All monsters on this page use this template

Lesser Illithidae, CR 6 (Thoon)

Thoon Husk, CR 5 (Thoon)

Mummified Red Ethergaunt, CR 12

Unnamed/Generic NPCs

Tsochar Inhabited Caster, CR 7

Tsochar Inhabited Melee Specialist, CR 6

Named NPCs

Ulric Shale (Deceased), CR 8

Ngall, CR 10

The Deadgod, CR 27

Custom Monsters

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