Various useful items are available for sale in the City of Spires and elsewhere.

1 – Weapon Enhancements

Reloading (10,000 GP) This firearm has been augmented with an extra-dimensional space that can hold a small reserve of ammunition (up to 30 rounds of any sort of ammunition, which must be purchased separately and are permanently integrated into the weapon), allowing it to be reloaded as a free action, allowing more than one attack when using the Full Attack option. However, this space cannot be refilled by the user of the weapon – after 30 shots are fired, the extra-dimensional space is exhausted and the weapon must be reloaded manually. This upgrade can be purchased multiple times – although it’s effects do not stack, it can be purchased again to “reload” a weapon for half the regular price (5,000 GP, rather than 10,000 GP). If multiple types of ammo are present in the reserve, the user of the weapon may choose which to employ on any given reload.

2 – Ammunition Enhancements

These enhancements apply to bullets, arrows, or crossbow bolts. Unlike normal enhancements, these apply to only 15 shots, rather than the normal 50. Keep in mind that you must upgrade a ammo to at least +1 before purchasing any of these, essentially setting the price to 8,000 GP for a single enhancement. These may not be applied to weapons, only to ammunition.

Ammo: Explosive rounds (+1) These devastating bullets are crafted to explode on impact with a target. On impact, they generate an explosion dealing 4d6 fire damage to the target of the attack and all adjacent foes on a failed DC 20 reflex save. They activate even if the shot misses, striking the first target in a line from the point of attack.

Ammo: Harrowing (+1) Based on Illithid technology, these serrated bullets are designed to drill into flesh and inflict continual damage. They’ve seen a surge in popularity in back alleys, although they remain technically illegal within the City of Spires. Upon impact with a target, the bullet begins to tear into flesh, dealing the base weapon damage plus any additional properties applied to the bullet for the next 5 rounds. As a standard action, a target may attempt to remove a Harrowing bullet with a DC 15 strength check. (This page will be updated periodically with additional content)


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