Lesser Illithidae

Lesser Illithidae, CR 6

Medium Aberration
This humanoid figure has leathery purple skin and four tentacles where a mouth should be. Its flat black eyes stare at you as psionic energy gathers around it.

HP 49 (7 HD)
AC 17 (2 shield, 4 chain shirt), CMD 18, CMB +8
Saves Fort +8, Ref +4, Will +9 Stats S 14, D 12, C 16, I 16, W 14, C 12

Senses Perception +7
Skills Stealth +11, Acrobatics +9
Feats Dodge, mobility, spring attack, improved grab
Initiative +1


x4 Tentacles +8, 1d4 + 2, initiates grapple
Scattergun +7, 3d6 (Exploding Dice), range 30 ft, clip 20, crit x3
Mind Blast 30 ft cone, DC 15 will save or be stunned for 1 round


Detect Thoughts 3/day
Suggestion 3/day
Levitate 2/day
Extract When grappling, the creature may make an additional grapple check in order to pin. If it succeeds, at the start of its next turn it extracts the brain of the grappled creature, killing it instantly.

These creatures are the lesser offspring of mind flayers, created by implanting a tadpole in a creature other than a human. Although less intelligent that their purple-skinned masters, Lesser Illithidae are still competent fighters.


Illithidae attempt to begin combat with a Mind Blast before moving into melee range and attacking the most powerful looking foe. After the effects of Mind Blast have worn off, the creature retreats to the flanks, using Spring Attack to strike at and drag away foes.

Lesser Illithidae

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