Thoon Husk

Thoon Husk, CR 5

Medium Construct, Created (formerly human)
Although obviously once human, this figure’s eyes are solid black and it moves with an unnatural gait. As it approaches, you can see that organic fibers have melded into it’s skin.

HP 36 (5 HD), Fast Healing 5 (Can heal beyond max HP – see Healing Overdrive)
AC 15, CMD 16, CMB +6
Saves Fort -, Ref +2, Will - Stats S 18, D 15, C 16, I 4, W 7, C 5

Senses Perception -2
Initiative +3


x2 Claws +8, 1d8 + 6
Burst 10 ft. burst, 5d6 fire damage, DC 16 reflex/half (see Healing Overdrive)


Healing Overdrive A Thoon Husk’s fast healing can raise it above its normal maximum hit points. For this to occur, it must first be activated as a swift action by any mind flayer or Thoon Infiltrator (MMV 113) within 100 feet. Upon healing more than 20 HP above normal maximum, the Husk explodes – see Burst.

Created by the mind flayers to act a mindless servants, these Husks were once human. And yes, I did spend several hours playing Mass Effect 2 before statting these.


These mindless creatures use swarm tactics, attempting to flank a single target and inflict grievous damage. They attack until killed after activation.

Thoon Husk

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